All of Delia's artwork represents in one form or another the expression of her spiritual vocation and the understandings she derives from her dreams, meditations and the simple details of living.


    From time to time, the muse hits and Bob produces music of a spiritual bent.  Click on the "Music" button to the left to experience this art form.  Or you can directly choose from:

        "Native Love." This is an instrumental with harp, french horn, percussion and strings that contains echoes of haunting Native American and Asian melodies.

      "The Yuppa Tuppa Song."  If you have ever had children or have ever been a child (and even if neither applies to you), you will enjoy this story of young children experimenting mischievously in the kitchen.

     "What's the Meaning of Life?" expresses the epiphany that the answer to this question lies not in words but in how we respond with our life.

     All three songs are available for your listening pleasure via fast but low fidelity midi format or by near-CD-quality MP3 files.  The MP3 files also contain Bob's (untrained) voice singing the lyrics for both The Yuppa Tuppa Song and What's the Meaning of Life?


     Bob has been engaged during the past several years in writing thoughts of a spiritual nature.  Many of these pieces have been published on the web.  Here is a sampling, with links for your pleasure:

The Spiritual Revolution

         Revolutions can be attained peacefully.  See my article “Revolution From the Bottom Up" at


If you enjoy that, read the follow-up:  “The Spiritual Revolution: Bring Meaning to Life” at  Music I composed will play as soon as you open that page, and the lyrics, melody line and chords are found at


Past, Present and Future - Becoming

   There's yet another essay which was posted on Seeds of Unfolding, entitled "Past, Present and Future - Becoming."   You can find it at


Science Fiction

"Third Ignition"

     Imagine, if you will, that humanity has evolved to the point where our fundamental connection with each other is taken as a given, underlying assumption of society.  Imagine also that the entire human race is migrating to the Crab Nebula, where lies a gateway to the next universe through which we must all pass.  What would this be like?  Read the science fiction fragment "Third Ignition" by clicking here.

"Terror from the Deep"

        It might not be particularly spiritual, but it's fun.  Click here to read a short story from Bob that was published in a strategy guide for the PC-based video game for "X-Com:  Terror from the deep.

Interview with Bob Tolz

        Since 1974, Bob and Delia Tolz have been engaged in a spiritual path known as "Cafh."  A convenient way to get to know something about the spiritual work Bob and Delia have been doing for more than three decades is to read an interview with Bob Tolz, which has been published in Seeds of Unfolding, a publication of Cafh Foundation.

Recommended links for you to visit:

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