What's the Meaning of Life?

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"What's The Meaning of Life?"

Copyright © 1997 Robert D. Tolz

I had a great dream last night,
So real I could feel.
I took the last breath of death,
No chance to appeal.
"It’s entirely too absurd,
A life too young to take."
These were the words I heard,
As I watched at my wake.
Then the story goes
That my spirit rose,
And I saw the scene from the ceiling.
My mind a sharpened knife,
I reviewed my life,
And I’ll tell you what I was feeling.
What’s the meaning of life?
... the purpose of life?
What’s the meaning of life?
... the purpose of life?
Questions I’d asked before,
But swept under the rug,
No one could show the door.
All I’d get was a shrug.
Is it too much to ask
For a simple reply?
Is it too big a task
To know before I die?
Then I heard a voice
Say, "You have a choice.
Understand you don’t have to wait now."
"You can change your view.
Here’s what you can do.
Take my hand, itís still not too late now."
"For meaning in life,
Bring meaning to life.
For purpose in life,
Bring purpose to life."
Looking back at my days,
I’d been walking asleep.
Thinking what I could take,
How much I could keep.
To know I’ll be satisfied
There was value to live,
I will learn by the day I’ve died,
How to serve and to give.
Now the story goes
That my spirit knows,
And I see myself from the ceiling.
My mind a sharpened knife,
I can view my life,
And I'll tell you here's what I’m feeling.
The meaning of life is to bring meaning to life.
The purpose of life is to bring purpose to life.
I woke in my dream last night!

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© 1997 by Robert Tolz