Colored Pencil Drawings


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Renewal Sacred Temple Unconditional Love Wheels of Life Flowing Currents Keepers of the Flame
Sowing Love Hope In Between Dancing With the Light Come Forth Into the Divine's Embrace Coming Out of the Cocoon
 Merging Taking Flight With the Ibises Dream Guides From Within Gathering of Hope Abiding in the Stillness of the Divine
Participation Delight Compassion Presence Caring for Our Home Coming Forth
Dance of Life Expanding the Divine Flame Flow Praying for the Aggressor Silently Walking Teachers
The Colors of the Wind Transmutation Healing the World Infinite Possibilities Offering Partaking of the Great Current
Gateways of Life The Triple Flame of My Heart Bringing Light Into Life Becoming Celestial Symphony Closing
Waiting Entwined Born of Earth and Sky Tree Awakening Listening Entre las Tinieblas
Leap Being Accompanied Blazing a Trail The Spirit Turns to the Life of Worlds Awakening Beauty
Glowing Sunset          


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