16.  Spiritual Direction

Switching gears, what is spiritual direction all about?

In spiritual direction, a soul comes to her spiritual director to consult privately about the status of her inner work. The topics for consideration can be very wide-ranging, such as questions about the mechanics of meditation, discussions about difficulties in relationship at work or home, sharing of some insight, intuition or revelation, and so forth.

The soul who comes for spiritual direction and the spiritual director try to explore these questions and observations with an underlying intention and orientation towards an expansion of consciousness.


When you give spiritual direction, what is it that you do?

Most of all, I listen.

Everyone is a unique individual, and it is necessary to work from each person’s present circumstances towards the expansion of consciousness. Some souls will come to spiritual direction to focus on a pressing problem that they’re facing. Others will come to deal with mechanical questions about meditation or about some of the subjects that may have been discussed in the weekly group meetings. Some will come for assistance in considering a decision they have to make. Others will come to report on what they’re experimenting with and learning in their inner work. Each has quite different needs.

After listening and discerning the soul’s circumstances, I will provide whatever comments or assistance which seems to be called for. My responses stem from my appreciation of the soul’s needs and the storehouse of information and experience that the members of Cafh have developed.